Call for Streams: Law, Space and the Political (deadline: 31/3/2015)

CLC_logoThe next Critical Legal Conference will be hosted, for the first time in history, by a Central European academic institution – the University of Wrocław in south-western Poland (close to the Czech and German border, in the region of Lower Silesia).

The topic chosen by the hosts of CLC 2015 is LAW, SPACE AND THE POLITICAL. As always, the organisation of the CLC is two-staged. In the first stage, persons wishing to submit a stream must contact the organisers directly. The email is Streams may be submitted until 31 March 2015. Usually a stream is submitted by one or two academics. The streams should interpret in some way the main theme of the CLC.

At a second stage, scholars wishing to present papers must submit them directly to the stream organisers. A call for papers, announcing all the streams, will therefore be published on 15 April 2015, and there will be time until the end of May to submit individual papers.

Once the entire programme of the conference is put together, registration will open – on 15 June 2015. The organisers have already stressed that the fees will be much lower than last year, and special reductions will apply for PhD candidates and students. Furthermore, there will be an additional reduction for early registrations (until the end of June – during the first two weeks).

Official website of Critical Legal Conference 2015:

Official email of CLC 2015:


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